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Iffet episode 24, summary

Iffet episode 24, summary
Ali Ihsan stays in the car while Iffet talks to Cemil. Later we see Cemil drinking a lot of alcohol day after day. Ersin tries to help him, but he doesn't want his help. One night he goes home drunk and by chance he meets Ali Ihsan and Iffet who are in their car. Ali gets down but seeing that Cemil is drunk, he gets back inside and drives slowly avoiding Cemil who stands still.

Dilek visits Nil and humiliates her and Feride. Later, Ali Ihsan tries to persuade Nil to come back home by offering her a suitcase full of money. Nil accepts the money and buys a tv set for Feride. Cemil doesn't want Ali's money and throws the tv out of the window.  Then he goes to the villa to give Ali Ihsan the money back. During the same evening, Ali and Iffet start fighting until she fells down crying.

Cemil goes back to Arif who forgives him and hires him only as a driver assistant (he has to clean the car). Iffet wants to take revenge from Ali and tells loudly at the company that Yasemin is Ali's lover.  Now the employers have a fat gossip subject.

 Iffet episode 24, summary
Betul keeps dating Erhan, but while Asuman, Betul's mother, is willing to find out more about him, Betul doesn't seem to be concerned about such details. Eventually Asuman learns that Erhan is Ali Ihsan's brother, which makes the relationship even more complicated. Betul choses to tell Erhan the truth, that she was Cemil's wife and she is carrying his baby. Then, she would like to separate from him thinking that they can't be together anymore.

Cemil has financial problems again because Ali Ihsan buys his house and he has to move to another place. In the end of the episode, Nil persuades him that since her father bought their home, the best solution is to go and live in the villa with the whole Emiroglu family.

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