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Iffet episode 23, summary

Iffet episode 23, summary
Iffet doesn't agree to remember and retell about her being raped by Cemil. When Ali Ihsan slaps her, she leaves the police station going to her father, to Serpil and then simply wandering on the street. Eventually she goes home, packs her clothes and leaves again. Ali Ihsan tries to find her without any success. Dilek tells Aydin, the driver, to watch over Iffet, and he sees her meeting Cemil at the marina. Aydin informs Dilek immediately about where and with who Iffet is. Later she goes to an empty house owned by Ali and waits for Cemil there. He comes after a short while but he doesn't know that Aydin followed him.

Iffet episode 23, summary
Ali Ihsan take his gun and comes to that house too. Therefore Cemil must hide upstairs and Iffet opens the door but remains downstairs with Ali Ihsan. Soon after, the two husbands leave. Cemil gets angry and goes to the pub to drink. During the evening Ali and Iffet quarrel again so Ali goes to Yasemin and remains there until morning.

The next day Dilek comes to Cemil's office in the building owned by Arif. They have a quarrel and Arif hears the noise. He invites Dilek in his office to have a talk but she uses the opportunity to destroy Cemil's reputation, so she tells Arif about the rape. Finding out this dirty secret, Arif banishes Cemil away.

The episode ends when Cemil speaks on the phone with Iffet, without knowing that Ali Ihsan is next to her. He asks her to come to the ruins - an old dating place for them - and she has to accept it. Then Ali Ihsan drives her at the ruins keeping his gun at hand.

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