Friday, October 3, 2014

Iffet episode 22, summary

Iffet episode 22, summary
Iffet goes to Yasemin because Dilek has told her about the relationship between her and Ali Ihsan. There comes Ali too, and the three of them start quarreling. Iffet leaves after she slaps Yasemin because she noticed that Iffet is a very simple and not educated girl and Ali Ihsan doesn't have many things in common with her. Ali doesn't defend Yasemin, he goes home with his wife trying to explain that there is nothing between them except a professional relationship.

Nil tries to adapt to her new status and cooks, cleans the house, or takes care of her mother-in-law. Sometimes Serpil comes to help her. Ali Ihsan can't stand this marriage and will trick Nil to go to the hospital trying to cancel her marriage due to her previous drug addiction. Cemil is offered a job by Arif who transforms him in his right hand in exchange of Cemils' protection against enemies.

Iffet episode 22, summary
Dilek notices that Ali Ihsan turned into a tyrant and tells him what she thinks. When Nil is out of the hospital, Ali takes her at the villa. Cemil comes with Arif and some bodyguards, beats Ali Ihsan and takes Nil at his home. Iffet manages to trick Aidin and meets Cemil in a store.

The episode ends when Ali Ihsan, extremely angry on what Cemil did, takes Iffet to the police station to persuade her to make a complaint against Cemil as a violator.

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