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Iffet episode 21, summary

Iffet episode 21, summary
Yasemin wants to quit her job at the company owned by Ali Ihsan because she loves him. Iffet tries to support Cemil in his grief because the surgery operation upon his mother was not totally successful and she is now paralyzed. Salih, Betul's father, tried to accept the idea that his daughter would have a baby without being married but eventually he can't get used to this idea. One day he quarrels with his wife on this matter and goes away by car, very angry. In short time he has an accident and dies. Ersin and Feyyaz will be the ones to bring the bad news at Betul's home.

Yasemin talks with Dilek about her decision to leave the company. Cemil calls Iffet up, but she is at home so she can't answer. Though, Ali Ihsan who is there, answers her mobile phone without saying anything, and Cemil starts speaking on the phone declaring his love again. Iffet and Ali Ihsan start quarreling because he lost his trust in her. In vain did Iffet try to explain to her husband about Mrs. Feride's dramatic situation, he doesn't care or doesn't believe her.

Ali Ihsan gets out and goes to Yasemin and stays with her until late at night and when he arrives home he sleeps in a guest room. Iffet tells everything to Saime, but their conversation is heard by Emine who stays at the door listening. Then Emine informs Dilek about what she heard. Dilek shouts at Iffet and Saime humiliating them. In the morning Serpil calls Iffet inviting her to the funerals of Salih. Ali Ihsan allows her to go, but only escorted by Aidin, the new driver. After the funerals, Cemil comes closer to speak to Iffet while she notices Aidin carefully watching them, so she realizes that his job is not only to drive her car, but also to watch everythingh she does.

Feride is brought at home where Nil takes care of her. Short after, Cemil marries Nil, to keep his promise to his mother who one told him to marry before she would die. Ali Ihsan comes at the wedding party to scold his daughter for her disobedience.

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