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Iffet episode 15, summary

Iffet episode 15, summary
Cemil is taken to the police station, but not for the rape against Iffet. Ahmet gave up in the last moment to the idea of the complaint against him because he thought that by doing this, Ali Ihsan would be upset and he wouldn't deserve such a treatment and a scandal like this. In exchange, he scolds Iffet for the duality she lives in and takes away her necklace with the name Iffet (chastity) considering that she doesn't deserve this name anymore.

Betul is more and more worries and concerned about the rape. She isn't sure if her mother told her the truth so she goes to Serpil to ask her what she knows about this matter. Finally she learns the truth about the rape from Serpil. Iffet comes to visit Serpil too, so Betul has the opportunity to apologize from Iffet.

Nil meets Cemil somewhere in the city of Istanbul on the sea shore and tells him that she loves him very much, but he is not anymore willing to have a relationship with Ali Ihsan's daughter. He behaves rather distant and cold suggesting that they should separate each other. When they reach home she tries to kiss him but he draws back under the excuse that Iffet might see them. Nil understands that Cemil loves Iffet and that they must have had a past together, and that this is the real reason why he wants to separate from her. Unfortunately for them, Emine is hidden after the house corner and watches them.

Betul decides to change herself and goes to a lawyer to set out the preparations for the divorce. She burns Cemil's clothes and then banishes Feride away in the street, even if it is winter time. When Cemil comes home, Betul doesn't want to let him inside, so he and his mother go to the rented house to try to spend a night there.

Iffet episode 15, summary
Dilek starts behaving kindly to Iffet, but on the other hand she becomes friend with Yasemin because she is going to ask her to seduce Ali Ihsan. In their family the argues between Nil and Ali Ihsan have just started, because Ali found out that Nil loves Cemil. Nil packs her things and moves to her photo studio and then Ali Ihsan fires Cemil. Under these circumstances, Cemil tells Nil that they really have to end their relationship.

Gulin comes back to the company and looks for Ali trying to get his forgiveness  but Ali sends her away. Then he gets very angry because every person whom he trusted, eventually, betrayed him: Emre, Gulin, Erhan, Cemil ...
Nimet starts meeting her new schoolmates and introduces herself as a daughter of a butcher. Many of them laugh at her and very soon will try to play tricks to her.

Being very sad, Nil goes in a night club and takes an overdose of drugs, then she calls Cemil up. When he comes she is already unconscious inside a toilet cabin.
Iffet, thinkling that all the problems of the family were cause by her, writes a long letter to Ali, leaves the wedding ring next to it, makes her bags and runs away from home.


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