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Iffet episode 14, summary

Iffet episode 14, summary
Emre informs Beril that Ali Ihsan is free because he had a solid alibi and advises her to leave the country. Beril doesn't agree until she gets her share of money. Emre goes to her place and shoots her. Then he calls Ali Ihsan and asks him to meet in a large parking area where he tries to kill him too, but Cemil is there and saves him killing Emre. Ali Ihsan wants to reward Cemil and gives him a large sum of money on a check. He refuses the money but Ali insists. After that, Cemil will tear up the check in front of Iffet to demonstrate that he isn't interested in Ali Ihsan's money.

Later Cemil goes home at Betul's where he scolds her parents. Feride, his mother, caught a cold because Asuman didn't let her wash with warm water turning the boiler off while she was having a shower. He destroys the boiler in the bathroom. Nimet is angry with Ahmet and tells Iffet to take her away from home. Ahmet comes home when Iffet tries to take Nimet at her villa and they start fighting each other in the street. Though, Ahmet stops beating Iffet but takes Nimet with him claiming that he must take care of his daughter. Eventually, Ahmet buys new clothes for Nimet and she tears them out in revenge. After several days he goes at the villa and finds out that Cemil is Iffet's driver. Again he gets angry and goes straight to the police to make a complaint against Cemil who violated Iffet.

Iffet episode 14, summary
Erhan tries to see Gulin who is drunk almost all the time. Cemil pays the rent for the house where Iffet wanted to live together when she was pregnant with his baby. He gives one of the keys to Iffet hoping that she would accept his love and they would date there secretly. Iffet takes the key and visits the house remembering of those days and she becomes sad.

Betul can't stand anymore Cemil's behavior towards her and, moreover, she doesn't like Feride at all. One day because Betul was very angry with her husband, Asuman tells her daughter that Cemil violated Iffet during Feyyaz and Serpil's wedding and he isn't worth feeling so much pain from her. The episode ends when Cemil, driving alone in the car, is stopped by the policemen on the highway.

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