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Iffet episode 20, summary

Iffet episode 20, summary
Cemil wants to take Iffet at her father's home but she prefers to go to Serpil's. Ali Ihsan is looking for her without success. When they see each other, Ali Ihsan pretends that he is only a good friend to Yasemin and he is not in love with her. Iffet is very sad and starts looking for Cemil again.

Feride is prepared for the operation having Cemil and his friends by her side. At a certain moment Iffet comes there too, so Serpil must distract Nil's attention. There is also Arif, Cemil's employer, who paid for the operation. Unfortunately Feride paralyzes. Cemil is devastated and asks the doctors for an explanation (they told him that there were big chances for a successful recovery). Iffet learns what happened from Serpil and tells Ali Ihsan a lie so that she can go to the hospital, but when she reaches there she sees Cemil and Nil talking on a bench and she changes her mind.

Iffet episode 20, summary
Ali Ihsan thinks about a child in their family as a final trying to restore his marriage. Dilek is angry again hearing such a nonsense. Ali Ihsan doesn't agree with Nil going to see how is Feride. Erhan dates Betul who is still not sure about her feelings towards him and mainly about his reaction if he finds out about her pregnancy. Nil lies to Cemil that Iffet wants a child from Ali, thinking that in this way Cemil would stay away from Iffet. But on the contrary, Cemil leaves Nil.

The episode ends when Yasemin tells to Ali Ihsan that she would like to quit her job at the company because Iffet was right to believe that she (Yasemin) is in love with him.

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