Saturday, September 27, 2014

Iffet episode 19, summary

Iffet episode 19, summary
Feride is taken to the hospital by Ersin, then he calls Cemil up to tell him the news, so he must come back home. Feride is seriously ill and she must support a surgery operation but her health is not guaranteed, because she could paralyze after the operation. Nil helps Feride very much and stays with her as long as it's needed. Her relationship with Cemil evolves and they speak about marriage, even if Cemil is not very happy about this idea. Nil becomes very good friend with Erhan.

Iffet episode 19, summary
Betul and Erhan are together though she still hesitates on making a decision. Iffet and Ali Ihsan are colder and colder one another, because Iffet understood that Ali has an affair with Yasemin, and moreover, she understands that she is nothing more than a simple girl and Ali Ihsan is much more educated and sophisticated than she is. Thinking that there are big differences between them, as a familial and educational background, Iffet tries to make a change and goes to a counselor. One evening, Iffet and Ali Ihsan are invited at a restaurant because its Yasemin's anniversary. Iffet is a little late, so Ali Ihsan invites Yasemin to dance. When Iffet comes in, she gets angry because Ali was dancing and starts drinking much wine. Eventually she leaves the restaurant alone and drunken. On a street she loses her shoe heel and starts crying. This is how by chance, Cemil finds her.

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