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Iffet episode 18, summary

Iffet episode 18, summary
Some time has passed. It's winter time now and Cemil works as a truck driver somewhere in the north part of Turkey. Nil is at home, apparently calm and at peace with herself. Feride knows nothing new about her son and blames Iffet for his sudden leaving. Yasemin is still the company's lawyer and she is in very good terms with Ali's family, mainly with Dilek. Erhan has met Betul and tries to date her, but she is pregnant with Cemil's baby.

Nimet belongs to an entourage of rich friends now and one evening she invites Orkun, a young man who likes her, and other friends, at Ali's home to show him "her" house and to watch movies. She is in love with Berkay, but he is already involved in a relationship with Shule, Nimet's desk mate. Therefore, Nimet feels the first pains of love and starts to not learn very well anymore, trying to copy at test papers.

Cemil, at his working place, threatens the owner that he and all the workers will leave if he doesn't pay them on time. The owner, named Arif, likes Cemil's courage and obstinacy and promise them that he will pay their salaries as soon as possible. After a while, Cemil comes back home for a short time, by surprise, though not everybody will learn about his coming back home. He returns all his borrowed money and asks Ersin to give him the taxi to work as a taxi driver during his stay. Ersin accepts, didn't know that Cemil, in fact wants to follow Iffet all over, just to see her again. In short time he leaves as unexpectedly as he left before, back to his previous working place. This time, though, Feride is ill but he doesn't know it yet.

Iffet episode 18, summary
While driving the truck to his working place, through the night, he sees an injured man next to his car. Cemil stops and goes to see how he could help that man. Fortunately it is his boss, his employer, who was very badly beaten by some of his enemies. Cemil will take much advantage in the future by saving his life. He puts his boss in the car, leaves his truck there, and drives to a cabin where there are two bodyguards, leaving his boss with them. Then he goes back to his truck and goes to the cabin he lives in where Nil is waiting for him.

The episode ends when Ersin goes to the rented house and finds Feride fallen down unconscious. At the company, Ali Ihsan is with Yasemin in his office and keeps her hand when Iffet opens the door.

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