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Iffet episode 17, summary

Iffet episode 17, summary
Ali Ihsan, hearing about the vacation home from Dilek, gets angry with his wife and starts the divorcing procedures. When he reaches his office he learns that Nil ran away from the hospital. Nil is at her studio looking for another sachet of drug when suddenly Cemil knocks at her door. He takes her to a hotel and in the meanwhile Ali Ihsan goes to the hospital to scold the doctors because they didn't take care of his daughter. Eventually, Ali asks Yasemin to search his daughter and she immediately finds out where she is.

Ali Ihsan goes there, at the hotel room and tries to take Nil back home but she is desperately in love with Cemil because he was very sincere to her so she doesn't want to come back. During this time, Iffet, who was supposed to have dinner with Ali, waits for him in a restaurant, and seeing that he doesn't come, she goes at the villa to wait for him there. Arrived home, Ali is not happy to see Iffet in his house again, he shouts at her and banishes her away telling her that he doesn't trust her anymore.

Ali Ihsan accepts to date Yasemin and rapidly starts a relationship with her. Cemil takes Nil to the rented house where his mother lives, but exactly before getting into the house, Iffet and Serpil, who are walking around, see them in the courtyard. Later on, Iffet will tell Ali Ihsan where his daughter is and he will block all her money. Under these circumstances, Erhan will help Nil with some money.

Iffet episode 17, summary
After a while Iffet goes to Nil and tells her that Cemil doesn't love her at all, he only loves her (Iffet). Hearing this, Nil gets depressed and tries to contact her drug dealer again. She takes an overdose and fells unconsciously when having a shower. Cemil breaks the bathroom door and gets Nil out of there. While she is asleep, he finds in her mobile phone the number of that drug dealer and texts him (from her phone) to meet again. The drug dealer doesn't suspect anything thinking that Nil texted him again. When Cemil comes to the meeting place, he beats the drug dealer.

The episode ends with Cemil calling Ali Ihsan up to take his daughter at home. Then Cemil buys a bus ticket and leaves Istanbul.

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