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Iffet episode 16, summary

Iffet episode 16, summary
The letter written by Iffet contained the story of her life and the truth about Cemil. Ali Ihsan gets angry and looks for Cemil to badly beat him in a garage. Then, Cemil goes to find Nil and tells her that he was Iffet's lover and that he is still in love with her.

Iffet goes back at her father's home. Ahmet and Nimet are surprised to see her there. Ahmet forgives her and moreover, one night comes to her bed and leaves her golden necklace on her pillow. At the villa Emine, the servant, and Dilek are very happy about the last events. Betul and Asuman are amazed to see Iffet doing housework at his father's and Betul even comes to help her with windows cleaning, their friendship seeming to revive. Ahmet wants to make a bank loan to allow Nimet continue studying at the private high school but he will have to mortgage the house. Eventually the school taxes for Nimet will be paid by Ali Ihsan

Nimet is making friends but also enemies at school. Nil is found unconscious in a club. Cemil is called up by the waiters from her mobile phone. When he gets there he understands that the situation is serious and calls an ambulance. Nil is taken to the hospital and eventually her father learns that she was drug addicted.

Iffet episode 16, summary
Iffet goes to the company and wants to give back to Dilek her shares. Yasemin, the lawyer is very surprised hearing this, because Dilek told her that Iffet was a fortune hunter. Dilek is glad to have her shares back. Nimet is the victim of a very bad joke at school. It's her desk mate anniversary and some boys from her group of friends give her an already packed present to offer to her desk mate at the party. Nimet doesn't suspect anything bad so she doesn't verify the contents of the box. When her desk mate opens it, inside there is some pork meat - a hint of the fact that Nimet is the butcher's daughter and she is rather poor. Everybody laughs at her so she immediately goes home, being a little dizzy from the wine. Iffet figures out that her sister is almost drunk and tries to hide her from Ahmet.

At the villa while Dilek finds Iffet's letter and reads it, Ali Ihsan calls to announce that Nil is at hospital. Then Dilerk goes at the vacation home and finds everything as it was when Cemil sequestrated Iffet there. Iffet finds a job at the same place where Serpil works, Nil runs away from the hospital and Dilek tells Ali Ihsan about what she found at the vacation home suggesting that Iffet and Cemil might have had a love affair there.

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