Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Iffet episode 13, summary

In this episode there is not much action and a few things happen.

Iffet episode 13, summary
At first, Ali Ihsan is convicted of murder against Omer Ataman, Dilek's ex-husband, and the accusation is made by Beril, Omer's young wife. Ali Ihsan is taken to be investigated at the police station and the policeman eventually tells him that no matter what he says, he is the murderer because there is an eye witness who confessed. Ali denies his involvement in the crime, but he is not believed. Then, he asks for a lawyer and doesn't want to cooperate with the policeman anymore. The beautiful lawyer Yasemin, from Ali's company, is brought inside and he tells her about the incident at the bathing costumes fashion show where he hit and threatened Omer. Erhan, Dilek and Emre are in the waiting room and when Beril appears, Dilek would like to beat her because it is now that she found out that Omer was married.

Iffet episode 13, summary
Cemil takes Iffet to an isolated house owned by Ali Ihsan. He ties her up by a chair at first, but then, seeing that Iffet cooperates, releases her. He wants to persuade Iffet to become his lover or to give Ali Ihsan up, and tells her that he loves her more than anything in the world. Later in the afternoon, while Cemil is away to buy some food, Iffet learns that Ali Ihsan is accused of murder from the radio. When Cemil comes back she manages to trick him and hits him with a pan. After that he recovers, but Iffet is now next to the car with a gun in her hands. She finally forces Cemil to go to the police and to confess that he was with Ali Ihsan in the night when the murder was done. Cemil has no choice and goes to the police to help Ali Ihsan, because they indeed were together on a car ride on that night. When the policemen ask him for evidence, he suggests checking the street cameras recordings during that night. Cemil's testimony proves to be true, and Ali Ihsan is free.

The episode ends when Emre speaks with Beril on the phone and we can see that he is not really loyal to Ali Ihsan.

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