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Iffet episode 12, summary

Iffet episode 12, summary
Cemil manages to jump over the window so that Ali Ihsan didn't see him with Iffet in her bedroom. When he reaches the gate, the watchman is waiting for him pointing a gun at his chest. Finally the watchman calls Iffet up and Cemil is released.

Cemil heard that Iffet, who couldn't drive a car, needs to hire a driver for her and taking advantage that he met Ali Ihsan at the pub he asks him to hire him as Iffet's driver. Ali Ihsan accepts the proposal without knowing that Cemil was Iffet's lover. She is amazed seeing him hired as her driver, but she doesn't say anything at the beginning. Ali Ihsan appoints his wife as a member in the company's board and transfers Dilek's shares and money to Iffet. Dilek becomes just a simple worker at the company.

During her first board meeting Iffet criticizes Dilek's new fashion line, so that Dilek gets angry and Iffet gets out of the office. Wanting to take revenge, Dilek speaks very impolite to Ahmet and Nimet when they meet at dinner table. As a consequence, Ali Ihsan tears out all the drawings Dilek had already made for the new fashion catalogue.

Cemil plays double: he still tries to make Nil fell in love with him while he buys presents for his mother, for Betul and her family from the money that Ali gave him, wanting to show to his family that he is financially secure. Then he tells them has a new job as a private driver for a very rich family - not mentioning who. He invites Betul to dine with him at a fancy restaurant and pays the debt he had to her with cash.

In the villa he is welcomed by Osman and by the other servants, but he doesn't feel happy to see Saime there. She scolds him for having the guts to come to that house and tells him directly that she doesn't trust him.

Iffet episode 12, summary
Iffet goes with Nimet at a private school and transfers her sister there, and then they go shopping. When Nimet comes home with more bags full of new clothes, Ahmet, who is a little drunk, tears them out and treats her violently. The second day Ahmet goes to Iffet's house and gives her the bags back. Iffet tries to make him understand that Nimet deserves a better life, but Ahmet doesn't seem to agree with her at first.

Omer's death is announced on tv news bulletin and Ali Ihsan, Erhan and Dilek learn about it. The first suspect is Ali Ihsan because he had previously threatened Omer that he would kill him. In the next moments two policemen ring at the door and arrest Ali Ihsan.

The episode ends when Iffet is taken home by Cemil, but he is driving on different road, trying to kidnap her.

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