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Iffet episode 11, summary

Iffet episode 11 summary
Iffet sees Cemil kissing Nil. When the wedding party ends Cemil does not go home, he walks into the garden of the villa, wathes the windows and sees Ali Ihsan kissing his wife. This proves to be very painful for Cemil, who deeply loves Iffet.

Betul awaits for her husband late at night. When he comes home, tired, he quickly lies down and Betul putting his clothes in the closet is smelling ladies perfume on his shirt. Slowly she gets out of the room  taking his mobile phone too, then calls the last of the numbers. Nil answers thinking that it is Cemil calling. Betul hearing a feminine voice hangs up. The next day Cemil plays a good theater as a loving husband then gets out in a hurry. After a few seconds Betul goes too secretly following him and she will see Cemil dating Nil in a fancy cafe. At some point Nil asks him why he called her last night without saying anything. Cemil is surprised to hear that, and thinks who could have used his mobile phone. When he wants to pay the bill by Betul's credit card he learns that it's blocked (Betul blocked all her bank accounts Cemil had access to.) They spend the whole day together and Nil drives Cemil back home late in the night, by Iffet's new car. Betul sees them on the window so she strats questioning him as soon as he gets inside. He lies to her that Nil is a rich client who asked him to teach her to drive and he has to be careful with this kind of clients because he could find a better job in this way.

Iffet goes with Ali Ihsan at a reception on the occasion of an official event in Ali's company. Some of the women employees try to make fun of Iffet by playing her a farce where she is badly offended, but finally she mocks them too.

Iffet episode 11, summary
Omer, Dilek's ex-husband, tries to persuade her to take all her money and shares from the company and to go to Vienna together to lead a new life, away from Ali Ihsan. In fact Omer heavily lies to Dilek, because he takes all her money and she keeps waiting for him at the station, on the platform, in front of the train leaving to Vienna. Omer never comes and disappears with the money, going to his younger and secret girlfriend. Emre comes at the station to take her home. Dilek understands too late that Omer tricked her.

Cemil keeps trying to show his interest in Nil. In fact he wants to be with her because in this way he can be close to Iffet. One night, when Ali Ihsan is away on business, Cemil gets into Iffet's bedroom and kisses her. Exactly in that moment Ali Ihsan has come home and walks towards Iffet's door ...


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