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Feriha and Emir - episode 5 summary

Feriha and Emir - episode 5 summary
Everybody is astonished seeing  beautiful Feriha in the club, dressed in the violet short dress. Emir can't move his eyes from her. Later in the night Feriha complains about a headache and Hande, ready to mock of her, gives her a "pain killer" (in fact an Ecstasy pill). Feriha is not suspicious and takes it. Very soon she begins to act strangely, as if she was very drunk and Hande records everything on her mobile phone. Emir takes her at his place and when she sees herself in the mirror she doesn't recognize her own appearance, saying that this woman in the mirror is not herself.

Zehra goes to clean Cansu's apartment and finds a piece of paper where Feriha wrote Emir's name and later finds some magazines with articles about Emir. Feriha comes home and goes to bed, crying. When Zehra sees her, she thinks that her daughter must be in love. Riza and Mehmet come home from the countryside. Feriha accepts to talk with Gunce, her friend.

Koray watches on his PC the video that he made at the club and sees the moment when Hande took a small bag with drugs from a very well known provider. He immediately goes to Hande to scold her, realizing that she gave Feriha drugs to make fun of her.

Again called by the university staff, Hande admits that she started the fight with Feriha (now having proofs that Feriha takes drugs, the fight issue becomes unimportant for Hande). For the moment, Feriha is not punished anymore. They both try to become friends now and Hande makes Feriha spend her money on expensive clothes (in fact, there was the money from all the people living in her block, for the utilities). When she comes back home she asks Sanem (Cansu's step mother) to help her with a sum of money lying that someone has stolen it from her purse.

The episode ends when Emir wanting to see her, comes to her block. She is out preparing to bring home a basket with food from the market. Emir  almost sees her with the basket in her hands, when Sanem calls her name ...


  1. plz update feriha episode 6 summary......

  2. Please update feriha episode 6 summary ... and the rest please at least the entire season 1 I now I'm asking for too much but its really hard for me to understand without subs and I don't speak turkish :( Just english and spanish pleasee help !! Your summaries really helped me to understand and connect the blank spaces that I couldnt get right

  3. The series is updated starting with today :)


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