Saturday, August 2, 2014

Iffet episode 10 summary

Iffet episode 10 summary
Everybody is shocked of Gulin's pregnancy. Cemil goes home where he behaves politely with Betul, then he goes for a ride by taxi with his father in law, Salih. They stop on the sea shore and they talk together. Cemil wants to demonstrate Salih that he doesn't care about them and he won't do what they want, so he throws the taxi cab in the sea water. Considering that he has no choice, he and his mother, Asuman, move to his wife's house.

Iffet goes to Serpil, her friend, to tell her the news. Then she tells Saime about Gulin's being pregnant (in fact Gulin lied just to prevent Ali Ihsan's wedding with Iffet). Everybody go to the hospital to see what Erhan is doing, but he is still in a deep sleep, unconscious.

Iffet gives back to Ali Ihsan the engagement ring thinking that he would take Gulin as his wife, now that they are going to have a baby. Erhan wakes up but he still can't talk. When his elder brother comes to visit him, he types on the mobile phone that Gulin isn't pregnant. Learning the truth, Ali Ihsan asks her to do a pregnancy test right away, since they are in the hospital. Gulin refuses and starts crying.

Iffet episode 10 summary
After a short while Ali Ihsan and Iffet are having their wedding ceremony, at Ali's big house. Cemil and Betul watch Iffet on the window when she is taken from home. Nil invited Cemil at his father's wedding and he comes trying to seduce her. The episode ends when Iffet finds Nil and Cemil kissing.


  1. Great episode,thanks for that Johanna.I like that description of above.


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