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I still have hope (Umut and Ozan) - episode 1 summary

I still have hope (Umut and Ozan) - episode 1 summary
Umut lives with a large family in a rather poor neighborhood of Istanbul. She is frequently scolded by Musa, her elder step-brother, who is influenced against her by the twin step-sisters Yelda and Selda. She works in a well known beauty salon where one of the stable customers is Ms. Asude, the owner of a models and actrices agency. Hale is Umut's best friend and co-worker.

One day Asude has to provide some girls for an event taking place during that evening and she takes Umut and her colleagues because her models are not available. Ozan, the son of a rich businessman comes to this event and accidentally meets Umut, falling in love with her at first sight. Seeing that Umut is followed by Mete, Asude's husband, who thinks he could have a love affair with her, he pretends he is Umut's boyfriend and manages to get rid of the insistent Mete. This is how Ozan and Umut start a conversation and begin to know each other. During this short dialogue, Ozan learns that Umut doesn't like rich men because she thinks they are mean and selfish. Musa calls her and she has to go. Being in a hurry, she drops a small necklace on the floor, by mistake. Ozan takes it but Umut has already left home by car.

The next day Ozan comes to the beauty salon and persuades the owner to hire him telling him that he made a bet with his father and if he wins, he will get 5000 Turkish lira and will share the sum with the salon's owner. In this way Ozan can be with Umut and he tries to know her better. They even walk together after the working hours, but Ozan lies to her that he is a poor young man living in a poor house (he shows her an old house telling her that he lives there).

In this first episode we also find out that Mete has a young girlfriend, Leila, and he intends to divorce Asude, the twins Yelda and Selda dream to become actrices, Yelda has a secret boyfriend, Mayfur, Zeliha (Umut's mother) has killed her first husband and many other little details. The episode ends when Musa, who owns a coffeeshop, hears from Yelda and from some of his customers that Umut has a boyfriend. One night, he waits for Umut outside their home and sees her being kissed by Ozan. So, he gets very angry and takes a knife out of his pocket ...

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