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Feriha and Emir - episode 4 summary

Feriha and Emir - episode 4 summary
Hande locks the door and the two remain inside, blocked. Emir and Feriha start talking about themselves, but although Feriha intends to tell Emir the truth about her origins, she still pretends to be rich and hides her social background.
Hande goes at Koray's and finds him with Gunce. She imediately realizes that they are having a love affair and thinks how she could profit out of this information. Later Koray and Gunce come and unlock Emir and Feriha from the classroom.

At Feriha's, everybody is worried because her mobile phone didn't have signal while being locked inside. Riza goes in the countryside to sell a piece of land that he owned so that he can find money to pay Mehmet's debt for the damaged car.
 Zehra wants to sell her gold bracelets too.

At the university Hande starts spreading gossips about Feriha and Emir having spent a long time together locked in the classroom. Feriha, being very angry at this, beats Hande and risks to lose the scholarship. Hande is in love with Emir and she desperately tries to separate him from Feriha and to throw mud at her. Some colleagues recorded the fight on their mobile phones, so the video is soon published on the Internet.

Cansu sees the film. Previously, Cansu had a nervous breakdown and her parents are talking about it and about the fact that they should speak with a doctor and their daughter should take some pills.

Feriha and Emir - episode 4 summary
Koray invites Feriha to an event that will take place at night in the Hills club, owned by Unal Sarrafoglu, Emir's father. In the beginning Feriha says that she can't come, but later she thinks what lie to say to her mother. She takes one of Cansu's dresses (Cansu often gave her clothes if she didn't like them anymore) in her purse and lies to Zehra that she will sleep at Cansu's during that night. When she appears at the Hills, in a violet sleeveless short dress and high heeled boots, everybody is startled by her beauty.

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