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Medcezir / Tide - episode 3 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 3 summary
Yaman is at hospital. Orkun lies to everybody that he saw the fire while driving home and noticed that someone might have been inside, so this is how he saved Yaman. Asim is very angry with Yaman and makes a complaint at the police believing that he was guilty for the destruction of the house. In the meantime, there are discussions again between Selim and Ender if Yaman should stay with them or not. Therefore, Yaman will be taken to jail directly from the hospital.

 In this episode we learn that Kenan, Yaman's brother, is married to Ayshe, and that he has a very good friend, Giray, who knowing that Kenan will be in prison for one year, tries to seduce his wife. Ayshe, tired of her husbands problems, accepts Giray as her lover and starts a secret relationship, thinking that later she will divorce Kenan. It is Giray who persuades Hassan to withdraw his  complaint against Nevin for stabbing him.

In the group of Orkun's friends, one of them tells the truth about the fire and who really burnt the house, though nobody has the courage to speak loudly about that, even if they know that Yaman is falsely accused. Selim interrogates Yaman, but the youngster doesn't want to tell what he knows considering that this is a problem between him and Orkun. Selim supposes that he is not guilty, but without a testimony or a witness, he has no choice and can't get Yaman out of the prison.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 3 summary
Faruk, Mira's father, asks a sum of $ 500,000 from Ender, who gives him the money without any question. After a while, Sude, Faruk's wife, sees them talking privately and believes that her husband cheats her with Ender, because they had been lovers long ago, when they were younger. When she asks him what he talked with Ender, Faruk admits that he is bankrupt and was forced to borrow money from their neighbor, as being the only person who could immediately help him with such a big sum. Sude is amazed at what she hears and later she will tell Selim everything, hoping that he and Ender will have an argue on this matter (Sude is a negative character who tries to manipulate everybody around her to take advantages.).

One day Ender goes to prison to see Yaman and feeling sorry for him, pays the bail getting him out. In the same day, Selim manages to take Nevin out of the prison too, so mother and son meet at Selim's house. In that evening there is another charity event at Faruk's and Selim insists that Yaman and Nevin join too. Unfortunately, Nevin starts drinking and gets drunken. In the morning she goes home without waking anybody up.

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