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Medcezir / Tide - episode 2 summary

Medcezir / Tide - episode 2 summary
Yaman is given an annex of the large house of Selim's to live in. During the evening he speaks with Mert, telling about his life. Ender hears their conversation from the terrace and feels sorry for the hardships Yaman had to endure. Then she proposes him to work with the team of workers at a house designed by her that must be ready for some customers. Yaman gladly accepts the job, because he has worked in civil engineering before. Mira sees him and is glad that he didn't leave for good. Yaman finds out that his mother is in prison and Selim promises him that he will do his best to help Nevin as much as possible. Hassan is at hospital, but he doesn't have serious injuries.

Medcezir / Tide - episode 2 summary
Mira starts arguing with Orkun because he left her on the doorway carpet after the party where he had a fight with Yaman. Orkun doesn't seem to care too much about what Mira has to reproach him, because he already has an intimate and secret love affair with Hale, a girl from their group of friends. The next day is Eylul's birthday and Mira can't buy her an expensive present because her card is blocked. Finally Mira asks Orkun some money telling him that she will give it back in 2 or 3 days. At the party Mira and Orkun have an argue again, this time because Yaman is there and Orkun is jealous on his interest in Mira. During that night, after the party, Yaman, Mira and Mert go by Mira's car to the hospital because Yaman wants to persuade Hassan to not sue his mother for having stabbed him. After a while Selim, Ender and Faruk notice that their children are not at home and get worried because they have no idea where they could be. At the hospital Hassan accepts the deal if he is given 15,000 Turkish lira. Yaman gets angry but starts thinking from where he could get that much money. On their way home, he stops at the house to finish some work. Mert goes home alone but Mira stays a little while with him. In the meantime, Orkun sees them talking and wants to take revenge. When Yaman is alone, Orkun comes with several firends and beat him. During the fight, by accident they produce a fire. Advised by one of his friends, Orkun saves Yaman from the flames.

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