Sunday, June 1, 2014

Iffet, summary of episode 7

Cemil is taken to the hospital while Ahmet goes home and washes his hands of blood. Nimet sees the knife and starts crying. She calls her sister who is very surprised to hear that their father stabbed Cemil. Soon, Ahmet goes to jail for what he did. Iffet goes to the hospital to see Cemil and in the meantime Ali Ihsan calls her but she only says she has some problems to solve. Betul and her family comes to the hospital too and seeing Iffet there, she threatens her that she will take revenge and will punish Ahmet the way he deserves.

Dilek finds out from Saime about what Ahmet did, and starts insisting to fire Iffet because she may cause troubles to themselves.
Dilek finds out from Saime about what Ahmet did, and insists on firing Iffet because she may cause troubles to them. Ali Ihsan doesn't agree, but still, Iffet goes away from their house, being moved to another property of the family by Dilek in a moment when Ali Ihsan is not at home. Seeing this, Saime quits her job. Later Iffet goes at Nil's and finds her taking drugs, so Nil brutally sends her away. In the meantime, Dilek asks Emre, one of Ali Ihsan's best friends to contact Iffet's neighbors or relatives and find out anything he can about her. Emre will tell Dilek only a few things trying to persuade her to give up hating Iffet, but will tell everything he knows to Ali Ihsan.

During that evening Ali announces his family that he is going to marry Iffet. The next day Erhan, who likes Gulin and tries to be her lover, hurries to tell her the news, thinking that now that she is free, they could start a relationship, but Gulin, who sincerely loves Ali Ihsan, goes crazy and starts crying.
Ali Ihsan goes to Iffet's house in the evening and takes her to a leisure park hired just for themselves and asks her to marry him offering her a diamond ring.

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  1. hello dear Johanna, thank you so much for all the translations, i didn't find the english or french subtitles on the you tube's videos, so i just read it like a book through your blog.
    Greetings from Paris, France.


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