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Iffet episode 8 summary

Iffet episode 8 summary
Iffet is impressed and surprised that Ali Ihsan wants to marry her, but she refuses him. After that she goes to her friend Serpil and tells her what happened. Serpil is glad to hear that, but Iffet explains that she doesn't love him and that's why she refused.

Cemil and Betul start quarreling because of Iffet. Ali Ihsan can't sleep and in the middle of the night goes to Iffet house and, assisted by Nimet and Saime, declares that he loves her and asks her to accept his ring. Shortly after, Iffet comes back in the villa as Ali Ihsan's fiancee. Dilek can't stand her and has fights with her brother on this topic.

Nil continues to use drugs and buys them from a dealer met in a night club. One night she takes an overdose and falls by the walls outside her house. Cemil finds her and takes her inside. He also realizes that Nil has a problem with drugs. While the rumor that Iffet will marry Ali Ihsan is heard in the neighborhood, Cemil starts doing what he wants in the house of his wife, and tries to persuade Iffet to not marry Ali.

In Dilek's life appears Omer, her ex-husband, who has no money and lies to Dilek that he can help her become the owner of the company in the place of her brother, Ali Ihsan. In fact, Omer will only profit of Dilek's honesty.

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